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 Happy Women Weekends Presents the 


with Book Writing/Publishing Coach, Elizabeth Lyons

Friday 5:30 pm to SUNDAY 10am



 4925 N Scottsdale Road 

Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251


Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17
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Check in at 3:00 pm and enjoy a spa treatment on your own or swim in one of the 2 pools.


5:30 pm: Welcome Dinner, The Canal Club Restaurant at Resort 


Opening Session, Friday night: 7:00 to 9:00 pm (Location at Hotel TBD)
Session 1: Who do you think you are calling yourself a writer?


“Who am I to write a book?” 


“Why would anyone care what I have to say?”


“I’m no expert.”


These statements typically serve as the proverbial nail in the coffin of writing a book (right after “I have no idea what I’m doing,” "How do I organize this?” and “But I’m not a writer” close the lid. 


During this session, Elizabeth will clarify exactly why you are the perfect person to write your book in such a way that you’ll never again question your why. You’ll only be asking, “How do I start!"



Breakfast 8:00 (Location at Hotel TBD)

9:00-11:00 am: Session 2: But…I’m scared it will be terrible 


Oh, if only it were so easy! Don’t worry, you’ll quickly go from “Why?”

to “How do I start?” but an unanticipated player is about to make an appearance. 


“What if it sucks?”


“What if no one reads it?”


“What if I make someone mad?”


The fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from writing your book piggyback beautifully onto the topic addressed in Session 1, which is why it’s critical to stare them in the face and make not only peace with them but see the fears and concerns as friends along for the ride. That’s precisely what Session 2 will take care of.  


Noon to 3 pm (Schedule of your private hour-Long consultation with Liz about your book in the works. Your time will be given to you upon your retreat reservation.)


3:30-5:30 pm : Group Session 3: Stop Overthinking, Start Writing


“Vision without action is merely a dream.” —Joel A. Barker


Once you’ve admitted and analyzed the REAL reasons you haven’t started (or finished) your book, it’s time to take action!


In this session, Elizabeth will provide a series of proven exercises that will have you WRITING your book — not thinking about it, not promising to do it “one day,” actually writing it!


Free evening after group session. We will be making arrangements to leave the property to go to dinner in Scottsdale (at your own expense.)

SUNDAY 10/6:

Sunday: 8:00 am - Meet for coffee & pastries (location at hotel TBD)
Sunday, 10/6, 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Group Session 4: Maintaining Momentum


All great retreats must come to an end, but that does NOT mean that your writing journey needs to! In this final session, Elizabeth will equip you with powerful tools and techniques to ensure that you keep writing until you reach The End. 

Elizabeth Lyons is a mom of 5 (including twins) who lives in Arizona because it's sunny even on the days when it looks like an F5 tornado hit her home. She continues to coordinate the details of her beautiful, chaotic life as a mom of 5, designer and book writing/publishing coach. Should she ever go missing, she can likely be found at her local coffee shop or the Sprinkles cupcake ATM.

To learn more about Elizabeth’s work and how she can help you get your book written, visit her at

You know your story can impact and inspire people.

Grow your brand and authority.

Be an example of what is possible.


So why haven't you gotten it done?


Elizabeth helps entrepreneurs and high performers write, publish and launch impactful books.

... even if you have no idea where to start.
... even if you've started and stopped 897 times.
... even if you're busy as hell.

Liz knows what the real roadblocks are.

She understands the patterns that have you stalled.
And keep you there...and she knows how you can break those habits.


Retreat Package*:

$1600 single occupancy

$1000 per person double occupancy in double queen room

$750 Special Retreat rate without accommodations for locals.


Single Occupancy Includes:

 2 nights – (Friday & Saturday) in premium King Room

Double Occupancy Includes: 

 2 nights – (Friday & Saturday) in premium Double Queen Room 

Welcome dinner on Friday, 10/4,
Breakfast each morning,

All group sessions, and

Private hour consultation with Elizabeth Lyons.

Questions? Let us know.  

*Please note, airfare and travel costs are not included in the retreat rate.


Thank you for submitting!

Cancellation Policy: A $750 Deposit secures your spot on the WRITE THE DAMN BOOK retreat. Remaining payment based on single or double occupancy is due by September 20th. Full payment may also be made at signup.   Refund on full Retreat Payment (less the 50% Deposit), available only if you cancel prior to September 10th.


Nobody books a retreat with the intention of canceling, but unexpected events do occur, so please consider purchasing travel insurance. No refunds or credits will be granted for failure to attend, or for arriving late or leaving early. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies.

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