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Jill Daniel is the Founder of Happy Women Dinners, and Happy Women Weekends. Happy Women Weekends are retreats that offer deep-dive experiences with author/experts in the field of personal growth. At each retreat experience, Jill brings her background of being a journalist, book publicist, caterer, event planner and her love of women gathering together to support, share, restore, laugh and learn with each other. “I wanted to create retreats that will not only give pleasure and pampering to the participants but will give women real life takeaways that can transform how they live at home,” says Jill. 

As executive producer of the retreats, Jill knew from the start that she wanted personal transformation to go beyond just the women who attend the retreats and extend out into the community. Why not have retreats where there is always a portion of the proceeds donated to worthy causes for women? Happy Women Weekends has a number of nonprofit partners that we support.

As women we are so used to nurturing others—-and often, on a daily basis, we are neglecting ourselves. Thus, we can feel especially good about giving to ourselves with a retreat that also gives back. To know that you are giving to a cause beyond yourself and helping other less fortunate women to transform their lives, is the permission some women need to reclaim themselves.

“We are all on our own healing journey and working to consciously create our lives...there are peaks and valleys in this journey and we need to honor those cycles in our lives and know that we are not alone...stepping outside our daily life and its requirements often gives us the perspective we need to come back to our reality, renewed and ready to tackle the challenges with fresh insight, energy, and even acceptance,” explains Jill.

Happy Women Weekends is committed to help us all Retreat, Restore and Rejoice.

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